For Hemp sake products are 100% organic CBD products
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We provide you with the best CBD Products available, 100% organic quality guaranteed!

We have been selling CBD oil at the For Goodness Sake dispensary in Bonita Springs for a year now. Hands on sales of over 5,000 tinctures and 3,000 salves have prepared us for distributing our products online.


I liken the hemp plant to the oyster of the plant world. It has an unmatched ability to extract all the elements from the soil it is grown in and around. That is good for creating the delicate mix of cannabinoids and terpines that provide the healing properties of the oil. But it’s also a curse if there are any nasty heavy metals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers from decades before. Our shop has a relationship with a small Oregon farm which grows and harvests it’s hemp in the spirit of bio-dynamic and organic principles. We are experts in quality assurance. We know the product and all of its attributes and we use it ourselves.


For Hemp Sake is more than a “white label”. It is a carefully thought out distribution strategy for helping people heal by selectively researching, sampling, testing, and offering a few products that are safe and effective.
We convey the quality assurance by labeling a few key products that define purity and simply work better than others.


Our initial offering is a high potency tincture. The bottle holds a small amount (15ml) of liquid; rendering the oil as High Potency. One dropper of our oil packs a punch of 50 mg of full spectrum CBD. That’s the recommended daily does for someone with chronic inflammation.

Our second product is a simple salve which consists of the help plant crushed up with some Shea butter. The efficacy of this salve in tackling inflammation is made more amazing by the simplicity of the blend. It has to be the plant that is working because there are no fancy fillers or essential oils.

– Bruce Ford –